How to fix your iOS problems

It seems that the iOS 10 update has plagued iPhone’s, iPad and iPod touches throughout March. The 10.2.1 update helped to fix some issues that we faced, however it failed to diminish them all. It even brought some new problems with it.

From poor battery life to Bluetooth connectivity failings, here is our guide to solving all of your iOS issues. Learn more.

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Many people are complaining that the latest update is lowering the efficiency and battery power of their iPhone, iPad and iPod. Some have even said their phone turns off when reaching 30% battery, whilst others have stated that their phones drop from 100% to 50% in a matter of minutes.

Apple thought they had a solution to fix this with yet again another update, however the battery issues wasn’t resolved.

London’s answer to phone repairs

You can invest in a repairs team to fix your mobile phones and tablets. There is no need to worry about a long time without your phone as you can have your phone repaired in 30 minutes whilst you wait. If not, use their courier service. Call 020 3206 1627 or book your appointment.

Keeping your data safe and secure

The most serious problem was bricking phones. A bricked phone is when it won’t turn on in any way, and sometimes there isn’t much that you can do to fix the problem. The solution for this is iTunes backup. Read more.

iTunes has had previous success when needing to restore afflicted Apple devices.  It is always a good idea to back your phone up before completing any updates as the worst thing is losing all of your beloved pictures, contacts and messages.

We suggest using you laptop or computer for backing up your data as iCloud backup only really works if you have enough storage capacity on our phone.

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