The iPad collection


The huge iPad Collection

The iPad was one of apples newest creations with only the first ever model being introduced in April of 2010.

There is so much you can do with an iPad such as: shooting videos, taking pictures, listen to music and like the iPod touch use Wi-Fi to connect to the internet these iPad’s are basically much larger iPod touch.

There are 3 types of iPad series available: The iPad series, iPad mini series, and the pro series.

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The iPad series

The iPad series consists of 4 generations of iPad and 2 iPad air’s.

Yes, a lot of iPad’s the operating system has become more advanced over time beginning with a IOS 3.2 and IOS 8.1 being the newest in the series the iPad air 2.

With the newest ones you can buy them with cellular network which means you would be able to make phone calls. The largest amount of memory is 128GB however, this is only available with the 4th generation iPad and on both the iPad air’s. buy your faux leather iPad cases for only £19.95! 

The iPad mini series

The Ipad mini series consists of 4 generations.

The operating system has improved over time beginning with a IOS 6.0 and now with the 4th version has a 9.0 IOS. As well as the iPad series these are available in cellular models but the cellular models are available on all generations of the iPad mini.

The iPad Pro series

There are only 2 types of iPad Pro the 12.9 inch screen or the 9.7 inch screen these are the newest out of all the iPad’s with the first version being released on the 9th of September 2015 and the second on March 21st of 2016.

These two have a maximum storage of 256GB the largest storage space yet and both have high versions of IOS 9.1 and 9.3.

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