iPhone 7 potential features and prices

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iPhone 7 features and price


Most people believe that the iPhone 7 is going to be a little different to the iPhone 6/6s models. It’s likely to be thinner than it ever has been as people believe that apple will be removing the headphone jack to free up some space in order to make it thinner. With the new arrival of the iPhone 7 buy your new custom cases today at Wrappz!

The brand new IOS 10

There are a lot of new features that IOS 10 will provide such as: Maps, photos, siri and all the available messenger apps have all been upgraded, it’s currently only available to developers but the release to the public is likely to be around when the iphone 7 drops.

Better Security than ever before

Security has never been a big enough thing for apple, in 2016 apple were involved in stories of battling with the FBI over security. Apparently apple is currently working out ways to encrypt data which would be a problem for law enforcers. Also, apple engineers are trying to prevent iphone hacking.

Wireless charging

The main rivals to apple Samsung already offer wireless charging which is a very convenient and efficient feature. So we reckon that apple won’t want to be out done by their rivals.

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iPhone 7 pro and plus rumoured price

The pricing for the plus is going to be around £600 the same as when the iPhone 6s came out this price is for the regular 16GB model, the 64GB we predict will be around £700 and the new 128GB to be around £800.

The pro however we expect will  be a little more expensive with the starting model holding a storage of 32GB  which is likely to be priced at £700, the 128GB model at £780 and there might be a brand new 256GB model priced around £860.

New Camera features that will blow your mind

There are rumours that there are different camera features between the regular iPhone 7 and the 7 plus.

The iPhone 7 is expected to come with a 2GB RAM and the 7 plus is expected to use a new 2 camera system using 2 cameras instead of one improving performance in dark conditions and it will have a 2-3x optical zoom.

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