The iPod collection


The iPod collection

The iPod has been around now for 15 years with its first version being released on the 23rd of October in 2001, there are currently 3 types of iPod: iPod nano, Shuffle and the touch.

The amazing iPod Shuffle

iPod skinThe smallest iPod out there was originally introduced to replace the mini in 2005 and was the first ever device to use a flash memory.

These are the perfect portable music player which can be used on the go or even just to kick back and relax, currently there are 4 different versions available to buy.

The newest one was released in 2012 which introduced a new colour red special edition and space grey which offered apple customers something new and exciting.

The large iPod nano

The iPod nano has been around since September in 2005 posing as a replacement for the iPod mini. However, since then the iPod Nano has grown and now has 7 different generations/models.

The newest version has been described as the thinnest ever one, 40% thinner than the previous iPod, as well as this they introduced a new colour space grey which is a very cool colour.

The iPod nano has come a long way from its first ever version with the 7th generation having  a significantly larger screen, double the amount of on board RAM and also most importantly double the amount of battery life.

The most advanced iPod ever the Touch

The iPod Touch is a touch screen based handheld PC. It’s a touch screen product which can be used for music, a video player, digital camera or even a portable gaming device.

As with the iPhone you can connect to the internet through Wi-Fi, they are extremely similar to the iPhone as it can do everything the phone does however, it doesn’t use cellular network data so it isn’t a Smartphone. Special offers on all iPod touch cases at Wrappz!

At this current moment there are 6 versions of the touch the latest being released only in 2015 which now allows up to 128GB of storage compared to only 32GB on the first ever version.

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