Latest iPhone 7 Accessories

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The Latest iPhone 7 Compatible Technology

Along with the release of Apples latest iPhone, there also came a tidal wave of accessories to go with it, from specialised cases to sports accessories and adapters. Which accessories do you need to keep up to date with the latest technology?

iPhone 7 Cases

With many previous models of the iPhone one of the biggest issues found by the public is that it is not robust, the sleek and modern design is not made to withstand a lot of impact which can result in broken devices with smashed screens. Well no more broken iPhones!

The myth that only huge, chunky cases can protect your iPhone plus is gone, you can now get custom made tough cases that not only prevent damages to your iPhone 7, they also give your device a unique look.

iPhone 7 Docking Stations

When we talk about docking station we’re talking about two different types, the charger and audio. The charging dock was brought out with the iPhone 6 model which provided a standing charging feature for the device. These docking stations have become more popular with the most recent model as it allows the user to charge their device whilst listening to music.

There are a wide range of audio docking station available that are specifically made for iPhones, with some of the leading electronics manufacturers providing us with a range to choose from;

iPhone 7 Adapters

One of the great controversies with the latest device is the removal of the regular headphone jack, the opinions on this change have been greatly mixed.

With this change it means that many users of the iPhone 7 can now only use their regular headphones if they were to also get an adapter, if you want to know more about the iPhone 7 headphone adapter click here.

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